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How To Clean And Maintain Our Self Charging Electrostatic A/C / Furnace Air Filters

Caring for Air Filter Experts A/C air filters is easy! Once a month or two remove the filter and vacuum the dirty side off. Then take a garden hose or place it in the shower and flush out the filter so that the water pushes the dirt out of the filter from the way it came in. If your filter has any greasy dirt on it feel free to lightly spray it down with simple green, fantastic or any 409 degreaser type of cleaning product. Wait a few minutes and then thoroughly wash out the filter as just explained. After washing and cleaning the filter you can gently shake out the excess water to the point where it’s no longer dripping. Then replace the damp filter in the same place it was removed from. Within a few minutes the air rushing through the filter will dry it out and the filter will electrostatic-ally recharge itself again to do its job of keeping your air conditioning or heating system and home clean at a 90% efficiency rating for the best dust, allergy and asthma control!

Our Self Charging Electrostatic A/C Air Filters Will Protect Your Air Conditioning or Furnace System To Prevent Future Repairs And High Electric Bills

The main reason for any and all air conditioning and furnace system breakdowns is due to contamination from simple household dust! The fact is that dust and allergens can pass right through cheap inefficient A/C air filters to plug up the evaporator coil, blower motor and insulation in the air handler unit. The dust contamination then moves into your ductwork and into your home to clean, breathe and react to while triggering allergy and asthma problems! When dust plugs up the evaporator coil, mold growth quickly takes hold to increase in the coil itself to restrict airflow coming through the entire A/C system. This in turn causes the A/C system to work harder to prematurely cause future repair bills. The cost of having an A/C repair man over to remove and clean the evaporator coil and blower motor can cost $300 or more. A dirty evaporator coil will without question cause an increase to your electric bill. This increase can sometimes be substantial and it is totally unnecessary when utilizing one of our extremely efficient self-charging electrostatic air filters.

Avoid Cheap Low Quality Inefficient Paper Framed Or Hogs Hair Cut To Size A/C or Furnace Filters

When you purchase a new air conditioning system the AC mechanic will almost always tell you to only use the inexpensive cardboard with fiberglass mesh filters or cheap hogs hair cut to size fiber found at the local Home Depot or Ace Hardware store. Or the AC mechanic will try to up sell you into purchasing an expensive so-called whole house air filtration system.

Those inexpensive cardboard framed fiberglass mesh air filters and hogs hair cut to size fiber only have a 3% to 5% efficient dust removal rate! This means that 95% to 97% of the dust and allergens coming into them are passing right through these cheap filters to contaminate your AC system and then into your home for a dusty indoor air environment that can trigger allergies, asthma, COPD and a whole lot of dusting and vacuuming your home or office.

The Problems With Whole House Air Filter Systems----The extremely expensive energy consuming whole house air filtration systems have been proven to only be 30% efficient at best! You will also have to purchase expensive replacement disposable pre-filters to keep them from becoming overly contaminated and they will also increase your electric bill to operate these unnecessary electronic whole house systems. This is a true waste of money and if you do not keep replacing those expensive pre-filters whole house air filtration systems will be prone to break downs and costly repairs!

Don’t Get Ripped Off With Costly 3M Filtrete Disposable Pleated Air Filters Targeted To Allergy Sufferers That Restrict Airflow

After discovering how important it is to upgrade the A/C or furnace filter many people run out to Home Depot, Lowes or Ace Hardware to find and purchase the disposable 3M Filtrate pleated A/C air filters marketed for allergies! Yes they will stop the dust and allergens from contaminating the A/C system or furnace. However these Filtrate allergy A/C air filters are not the best choice because they are extremely dense and air restrictive with a super high MERV rating of 13 – 14 which can and will restrict a high amount of airflow going through them and into your AC system or furnace. This lack of airflow makes your air conditioning unit or furnace work harder which can shorten its operating life while also increasing your electric bill because with less airflow it will take longer to cool your home!

3M Filtrate disposable A/C air filters are very expensive because the replacement cost will be well over $100.00 each and every year! Also, all disposable air filters are HORRIBLE for the environment due to the fact that they contribute to millions of pounds of trash each month in our landfills!

Stay Away From Low Quality Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filters With Flimsy Frames And Inferior Polyester Fiber Material

There are a handful of lower quality electrostatic air conditioning and furnace filters on the market! These filters have flimsy metal or plastic frame and they contain low quality polyester fiber material. Some of these filters may cost a bit less money than the superior electrostatic air filters made with sturdy high grade aluminum frames and much higher quality long lasting polypropylene electrostatic fiber material! The problem with the cheaper polyester filter material is that within one to three years they degrade! When this occurs and it will, the polyester fibers will soon stretch out of shape and sag to the point of needing replacement because of multiple air gaps occurring within the filter material.

Air Filter Experts self charging electrostatic A/C air filters will not degrade and they are easy to clean! NOTE that our electrostatic air filters are far superior compare to the other brands on the market that include Air-Care, Filter Buy and Dust Fighter filters made by Dust Free! This includes the BoAir electrostatic air filters that were big sellers years ago but after being bought and sold multiple times have permanently gone out of business. The self-charging electrostatic A/C air filters we offer beats them all in quality, performance and longevity!

Here Is The Answer To Protect Your A/C Or Furnace System Investment While Keeping Your Home Extra Dust And Allergy Free.

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The key to keeping your home or office clean of dust and allergy free is to protect your A/C system by replacing your existing low quality inefficient disposable filter(s) with a top quality much more efficient, lifetime, washable, self-charging electrostatic A/C air filter. Make sure that the electrostatic fiber in the filter you choose is not low-quality short lived polyester. The best choice is our lifetime, custom made to size, sturdy aluminum framed washable self-charging electrostatic A/C air filter rated at 90 percent efficiency for a breathable non air restrictive MERV 6 rating with100% percent high-grade polypropylene fiber material!

The cost of Air Filter Experts high quality lifetime electrostatic A/C air filters are very reasonable for the quality you will receive and the filter(s) you purchase will prove to be one of the best investments for your home and family! These top quality air filters are made to last for the lifetime of your home! The many benefits and the money you will save in future A/C repair bills and electric bill savings will be extremely high! Knowing that you will now have the best air filter to protect your A/C system / furnace, home and family for dust, allergy and asthma control will be very rewarding!

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