Read About Us And Our Top Quality Lifetime A/C Air Filters

My name is Barry Cohen and I am the owner of I started into the indoor air quality business in 1989. I owned Absolute Air Duct Cleaning and the original allergy store in the Davie/Plantation areas of south Florida where we had 3 locations that sold high quality American Made HEPA air purifiers, HEPA vacuum cleaners, dust mite proof bedding and other related products for dust, allergy and asthma control.


 My company has sold many thousands of our sturdy lifetime 90% efficient custom made to size, washable self-charging  electrostatic A/C air filters with superior upgraded long lasting polypropylene electrostatic filter material and sturdy aluminum frames to almost all of our residential customers and to many of our commercial customers as an important worthwhile investment to keep their A/C or furnace systems clean after doing their air duct cleaning job! 


Our goal was to get as many referrals from our happy customers for new jobs and the self-charging electrostatic air filters were the key for keeping our customers A/C systems clean and their electric bills low for many years to come and the key for the many referrals we were blessed with from our many years of happy customers! To this day there is no question that our top quality lifetime self-charging electrostatic A/C air filters are still the best on the market to keep your entire A/C or furnace system clean as for many years to come and your home much more dust and allergy free! They are great for people with dust, pollen and pet allergies!


We take great pride in offering our many customer the absolute best A/C air filters on the market that are Made In The USA! We have since sold our A/C air duct cleaning company and allergy product stores. All of our business is now online and it has been doing very well due to our strict standards of only offering the absolute highest quality products in the allergy, asthma control products market since 1994.


For more information on our (Made In The USA), top quality, lifetime, washable custom made to size A/C air filters please feel free to call us Toll Free At 888-578-7324 or call us on our direct line at 561-629-5618. You can also get more information and purchase our TOP QUALITY A/C air filters at