The Best A/C Air Filter For Lower Electric Bills

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The Best A/C Air Filter Investment For Lower Electric Bills, Dust And Allergy Control
One of the worst mistakes most homeowners make is when they neglect to take proper care of their air-conditioning system or furnace!
This is not always the fault of the home owner because many people do not realize that the inexpensive A/C air filters they are often told to purchase at Home Depot, Lowes Or Ace Hardware by their the heating and air-conditioning companies are actually only 3-5 percent efficient even if they are replaced once a month. 
Many home owners have no idea that up to 97% of the dust and allergens coming into these inexpensive, inefficient fiberglass cardboard framed and cut to size hogs hair air filters are going right through them to contaminate the air handler unit, ductwork and the entire home with dust and allergens. Many people do not realize that using these low quality air filters is the main reason their A/C system brakes down!
This is because when the dust blows through a low quality inefficient A/C air filter it causes many different problems that includes the dust accumulation plugging up the A/C systems evaporator coil and blower motor which restricts air flow from going through the coil and the blower motor because the dust will buildup on the blades of the blower motor to prevent the blower motor blades from cutting through the air to properly push the air through the duct system and into the home. This in turn causes the A/C system to take longer to cool down the home which will often substantially increase your electric bill. Also a plugged up evaporator coil will allow mold to grow on the wet dust that is already plugging up the coil! 
Mold is VERY UNHEALTHY and it will contaminate the entire A/C system including the ductwork! The mold spores will also blow into the homes indoor air to greatly reduce the air quality within the home! Mold spores are a major source of allergy and asthma triggers to make people chronically sick while compromising their immune systems because of this now drastically reduced indoor air quality! The cost to pull, clean and reinstall the A/C systems evaporator coil and blower motor can cost between $300 to $600 dollars and then the entire air handler unit and duct work should also be properly cleaned by a state licensed and NADCA certified source removal air duct cleaning company at an additional cost depending on the size of the home! This type of total source removal cleaning service can cost a homeowner over $1000.00 altogether! 
NOTE: Low Quality A/C Air Filters Are The Key Reason For Keeping Your A/C Service Company Wealthy And In Business! A/C Service Companies Love Customers With Low Quality Inefficient A/C Air Filters!
Other sources of mold infestations to be aware of to quickly repair include roof leaks, plumbing pipe leaks, basement wall and floor leaks as well as poor or wet insulation in attics, around doors and windows!
Its Very Easy To Prevent A/C System Related Indoor Air Quality Disasters
In Fact Its Simple With A Quality 90% Efficient Self Charging Electrostatic A/C Air Filter
An efficient and properly sized A/C air filter is the absolute key to keep your entire A/C system clean and running efficiently for consistently lower electric bills and for keeping the indoor air quality and indoor air environment of the home clean, free of mold, allergen free and healthy! The science behind how these self charging electrostatic filter work is simple but very efficient! When the air rushes through the polypropylene fiber of the filter it creates friction which in turn charges the fiber to make it into a electrostatic dust magnet that holds the fine dust onto and into the filters fibers until it needs to be re-cleaned! Its the same simple principle as when you rub a ballon in your hair to charge it so it will stick to a wall!
A/C Air Filters To Avoid
There are a handful of different types of A/C air filters on the market to choose from! There is the almost worthless 3-5 percent efficient disposable cardboard framed fiberglass filters. 
Next we have disposable pleated filters  that include the 3M Filtrete allergy filters. These filters are very restrictive with MERV 13-24 ratings for airflow going to the A/C system. This can strain the air handler and the compressor of the A/C system to possible shorten its life while also increasing the electric bill due to the increased time it will take to cool the home.
 Next we have the lower quality self charging electrostatic air filters on the market that use lower quality polyester fiber filter material that often degrades within 2-3 years to leave air gaps that will ruin the filters ability to clean the air. These lower quality electrostatic air filters also have flimsy metal frames that often warp to allow air flow to bypass the seal that these filters need to work properly.
Lastly we have so-called whole house air purifiers! These units are very expensive and they require expensive disposable filters and pre-filter  replacements! Also its a proven fact due to simple gravity and long distance air returns these whole house air purifier filtration systems are only 30% efficient at best making them a very expensive bad choice!  
The Best A/C Air Filter Choice For 90% Efficiency Filtration, Almost Zero Airflow Restriction And Consistently Low Electric Bills Are Air Filter Experts Self Charging Electrostatic A/C Air Filters!
The Reasons Why Self Charging Electrostatic Air Filters Are The Best On The Market Includes:
  • Air Filters Experts electrostatic air filters utilize superior polypropylene filter material that holds a better electrostatic charge while lasting for many years because polypropylene does not degrade with multiple washings like the lower quality polyester fiber filters do.
  • The Air Filter Experts aluminum filter frame is sturdier than the others on the market allowing them to sit with more stability while in the filter rack or air return frame without any air gaps if measured properly.
  • Air Filter Experts electrostatic air filters are all custom made to exact sizes for a perfect fit! We encourage all customers to hand measure their existing filters, filter racks or air return frames to make sure that our filters will fit perfectly! 
  • Air Filter Experts electrostatic air filters have a lifetime replacement warranty against factory defects and premature wear.
  • Air Filter Experts electrostatic A/C air filters enjoy a 90% efficiency rating with a non air restrictive MERV 6 rating to clean the indoor air better with consistently low electric bills!
  • Air Filter Experts Electrostatic air filters are proudly MADE IN THE USA
Easy Care Instructions To Keep Air Filter Experts Electrostatic A/C Air Filters Clean For Many Years
Depending how dirty your filter becomes remove your Air Filter Experts electrostatic air filter once every month or two and vacuum off the dirty side of the polypropylene A/C air filter. With a garden hose or in the shower rinse out the air filter by pushing the dirt out of the filters dirty side opposite of the way the dust entered in. If the filter is greasy just spray with a degreaser like simple green, fantastic or 409. Wait a few minutes and then rinse clean! After cleaning the filter, shake out excess water or allow it to drip out any excess water, then reinstall the filter into the same place it was removed from for cleaning! The air rushing through the damp filter will dry it out quickly to allow it to again become electrostatically recharged for many years of service with the best dust, allergy and asthma control!
For More Information Or To Order The Air Filter Experts High Quality Self Charging Electrostatic Filter Call Direct At 561-629-5618 Or See The Website At 
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