Cutaway View Of Top Quality Electrostatic A/C Air Filter

Cross Cut Cutaway View


Crosscut Filter Image 2022


See the crosscut cutaway filter view showing the multiple layers of superior lifetime long lasting washable polypropylene fiber in air filter experts made to size electrostatic A/C air filters along with its sturdy reinforced aluminum frame. This It is important to know because the almost all other self charging washable electrostatic A/C air filters and furnace filters on the market are made from much lower quality polyester fiber material that will degrade leaving air gaps in the polyester filter material within just a few years of washing and use.


Lower quality electrostatic A/C filters also have flimsy lower quality frames (Both Plastic & Aluminum) that bend while not holding their shape. This allows air to leak around the fames of the filters to in turn lose proper air filtration which will cause your A/C system, ductwork and home to become dusty and unhealthy! Proper air filtration is the key to keeping your A/C and furnace system running efficiently with lower electric bills and to prevent future A/C system breakdown service calls!


There Is No Question! The (Made In The USA) Self-Charging Electrostatic A/C And Furnace Air Filters Are Your Best Choice And The Best On The Market For True Dust, Allergy And Asthma Control! For more information see our website or call our direct phone number at 561-629-5618